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Failure to Brush Your Tongue Could Cause the Following Things…

Failure to Brush Your Tongue Could Cause the Following Things

Your oral health status will certainly require improvement if you do not regularly brush your teeth. Brushing the teeth after meals and before going to bed will safeguard good oral health.

There are over 700 different species of bacteria that can be found living in the mouth. However, not the entire population of bacteria is harmful. Trouble arises when the harmful bacteria multiplies in mouth in the crevices, papillae and the surface of the tongue.

The tongue acts as a bacteria sponge that spreads bacteria to other parts of the mouth with terrible consequences. The most common oral health problems are:

Dull Taste Buds

Biofilm, the coating of bacteria, food particles, and dead skin cells will often cover up the taste buds leaving the individual with a less sharp sense of taste.


Halitosis refers to bad breath is the top problem associated with failure to brush the tongue. The bacteria on the tongue will soon multiply and give off foul smell. The odor causing bacteria will most likely be found at the back of the tongue. It is critical that you brush at the back to get rid of foul smell.

Brush your tongue

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection that occurs in the mouth is commonly referred to as oral thrush. It is caused by overgrowth and overpopulation of bacteria in the mouth. The result is that yeast also grows out of control causing white patches on the tongue. Regular brushing and flossing will prevent oral thrush

Black Hairy Tongue

This is a condition that comes about when the papillae get stained by leftover foods and drinks such as caffeine. Failure to brush away these particles will make the tongue appear dark and furry. The condition is harmless and will go away with brushing.

Periodontal disease

The buildup of bacteria on the tongue will spread to the gums causing periodontitis which is characterized by red inflamed gums that bleed when brushing. Untreated periodontal disease may cause teeth to fall out and is linked to the incidence of stroke and heart attacks.

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