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Wrinkle Softening & Anti-Ageing

Premature fine lines and wrinkles can be crushing for our self-confidence. What is worse, wrinkles don’t just start to form as we get older. Instead, different lifestyle factors can result in people still in their early thirties start to show signs of premature ageing.

Are you starting to notice fine lines around expressive parts of your face? If so, and even if you are still quite young, you might want to consider using Botox to banish these before they become more noticeable.

Why it pays to Soften Wrinkles Sooner Rather than Later

Our appearance directly affects our sense of self-esteem. This is why almost all of us will experiment with different anti-ageing products at some point. Sadly, no over the counter product can permanently soften or eliminate wrinkles. Worse, wrinkles in expressive parts of the face will only deepen with time.

Sloan Dental Botox Based Wrinkle Softening

Thankfully, at Sloan Dental, we can help people soften fine lines and even more predominant forehead wrinkles. This is because our very own Aileen Sloan is a fully accredited Botox practitioner. In fact, in many cases, Aileen can help reinvigorate and refresh peoples appearances almost instantly.

By administering cosmetic grade (and 100% safe) Botox injections, Aileen can soften wrinkles by temporarily immobilizing muscle groups which cause wrinkles to form in the first place. The result will be an instantly smoother and more youthful appearance which can last for up to 6 months.

Instant & Guaranteed Results

Are you starting to worry about fine lines and wrinkles? If so, Aileen will make sure that you are fully aware of how effective Botox will be at helping reduce the appearance of any areas which you are concerned about. Much more importantly, after Aileen has administered injections, you won’t need to take time out of your schedule for any kind of formal recovery period.

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Offering Botox injections at both our Bishopton and Carfin practices, Sloan Dental is first in North and South Lanarkshire for genuinely rejuvenating skin treatments. This being the case, please don’t hesitate to book your first appointment with us online today.

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