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Botox Benefits Go Well Beyond Just Cosmetic

Botox acts as a layer or shield between the nerve and muscle, and its purpose is to tell that muscle not to move, even if it wants to, either due to misfiring neurons or the natural ageing process.

Most people among the general public have heard of Botox and are aware of its line and wrinkle smoothening abilities. However, many may not know that it has benefits that go far beyond just cosmetic.

Botox Benefits Go Well Beyond Just Cosmetic

Botox Benefits – Cosmetic and Non-cosmetic

Treat Migraines

Botox injections have the ability to significantly cut down migraine pains. An added benefit is that the next time a migraine hits, it will not be as severe and far more tolerable. More research is required to understand exactly how Botox acts to inhibit migraine pain; however, it may very well be due to the fact that it blocks certain sensory nerves and pain receptors, which in turn relaxes muscles, thereby reducing sensitivity to pain.

Prevent Profuse Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a condition which causes excessive and involuntary sweating. Individuals with this condition may sweat even when ambient temperatures are relatively cool.
In order to prevent this, Botox works to block certain brain signals from reaching the muscle, the same way it does when cutting down the aftershock of a migraine. Therefore, it acts as a shield, preventing the sweat glands from overworking. This is particularly helpful for individuals who wish to prevent profuse localised sweating under the arms, feet or hands.

Fix Droopy Eyebrows

A condition known as Brow Ptosis can cause individuals to look unhappy and tired due to drooping eyebrows, even though they are feeling absolutely fine, very much awake and completely content. Administering a Botox injection will relax the brow muscles, keeping them aloft and aligned properly so as to not give the impression of feeling tired or generally unhappy.

Eliminate Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Botox is used the world over by people who want smooth, flawless skin; an excellent alternative to surgery, it might be noted. The minimally invasive procedure plumps out wrinkles around the facial, neck and forehead region. It can also fix drooping eyebrows, giving you a very youthful and exuberant appearance.

Whether you are looking to treat facial lines or find a cure for migraines or hyperhidrosis – you should consider going to an experienced dental practitioner to get your Botox injections. At Sloan Dental, we are quality dental professionals, providing patient care that leaves you with a generous and feel-good smile.

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